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Bradley J. Schafer

Written by David Grossman on November 10, 2015

Bradley J. Schafer serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Schafer is a Founding Principal of Schafer Richardson and has over 37 years of commercial real estate experience.

Steven G. Norcutt

Written by David Grossman on November 17, 2015

Steven G. Norcutt serves as Director, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Mr. Norcutt joined Schafer Richardson in 2009 as Principal, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Peter Bell

Written by David Grossman on October 4, 2019
Peter Bell | SR Realty Trust

Peter Bell is the former Chair of the Metropolitan Council, which is a cabinet-level position appointed by the Governor. Prior to his position at the Metropolitan Council, Peter was executive vice president of Publishing & Educational Services (PES) at the Hazelden Foundation in Center City, Minnesota.

James W. Hansen

Written by David Grossman on May 3, 2019
Jim Hansen | SR Realty Trust

Jim Hansen has been President of Hill-Murray High School since 2015. Prior to joining Hill Murray he was Chairman of the Board of JAMF Holdings and Reliable Property Services.

David W. Smith

Written by David Grossman on May 3, 2019
David Smith | SR Realty Trust

Dave Smith invested in Buddy’s Kitchen, Inc. in September 2007 and became its CEO at that time. After a decade of rapid growth, Buddy’s was sold in late 2017 to a publicly-traded Canadian food company, with Dave remaining as its CEO.

Jeff Wright

Written by David Grossman on October 4, 2019
Jeff Wright | SR Realty Trust

Jeff Wright runs a business advisory practice that focuses on strategic financial consulting. In addition to SR Realty Trust, he currently serves on the board of directors of Hawkins, Inc., Lube-Tech, LLC, and E. A. Sween Co.