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Bradley J. Schafer

Written by David Grossman on November 10, 2015

Bradley J. Schafer serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Schafer is a Founding Principal of Schafer Richardson and has over 37 years of commercial real estate experience.

Steven G. Norcutt

Written by David Grossman on November 17, 2015

Steven G. Norcutt serves as Director, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Mr. Norcutt joined Schafer Richardson in 2009 as Principal, President and Chief Operating Officer.

Gregory J. Springer

Written by David Grossman on November 17, 2015

Gregory J. Springer serves as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Mr. Springer joined Schafer Richardson in 2014 and oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the business.

Evan C. Richardson

Written by David Grossman on November 17, 2015

Evan C. Richardson currently serves as Senior Vice President – Investments of SR Realty Trust. Mr. Richardson joined SR Realty Trust’s parent company, Schafer Richardson, in 2013.

Thomas M. Mott

Written by David Grossman on March 3, 2020

Thomas M. Mott joined Schafer Richardson as Vice President, Asset Management in 2020. He is responsible for the financial and strategic goals of SR Realty Trust and affiliated Schafer Richardson properties.

Laura J. Hanneman

Written by David Grossman on January 29, 2018

Laura J. Hanneman joined Schafer Richardson and SR Realty Trust in 2018 as a member of the Capital Markets team and is the Investor Services Manager.

Kevin Howat

Written by David Grossman on April 4, 2022
Kevin Howat

Kevin Howat joined Shafer Richardson in 2022 as a Senior Asset Manager with a particular focus on the company’s multi-family assets.  Kevin has over 25 years of experience including COO responsibilities for two privately held apartment management companies.