Steven G. Norcutt

DIRECT DIAL: 612.359.5859

Steven G. Norcutt serves as Director, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Mr. Norcutt joined Schafer Richardson in 2009 as Principal, President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Norcutt has over 35 years of experience in financial management, portfolio management and mortgage origination. Prior to joining Schafer Richardson, Mr. Norcutt served as Senior Vice President/Portfolio Manager of Structured Finance with ReliaStar (ING) for over 13 years. Mr. Norcutt serves on the Board of Directors of a NASDAQ member firm, New York Mortgage Trust (NYMT). He is the lead independent director with NYMT and serves on the Audit Committee and Governance Committee. Mr. Norcutt is a member of the Urban Land Institute and National Association of Office and Industrial Properties, Sensible Land Use Coalition.