$1,000 Invested at Inception
Total Shareholder Return
(combination of price return and dividends paid)

SR Return

National Association of Real Estate Investments Trusts Equities, S&P 500, and Dow Jones indices returns can be found at www.nareit.com. Total return is equal to the total price return on the index assuming dividends have been reinvested.



Geographic Focus

SR Realty Trust will invest in commercial real estate assets located in major metropolitan areas across the Upper Midwest. The portfolio is currently composed of assets in Minnesota (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Duluth) and Nebraska (Omaha, Lincoln).

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Portfolio Highlights

Portfolio Highlights as of December 2017


Portfolio Value $110,000,000 +
Number of Properties 18
Investments 6
Total Square Feet 1,200,000+
Loan-to-Value 51%

Share History

Annual Volume and Price History


Year # of Shares Outstanding # of Units Outstanding Total # of Shares & Units Outstanding Price
2014 186,667 0 186,667 $10.00
2015 334,118 1,801,791 2,135,909 $10.00
2016 571,903 2,077,380 2,649,283 $10.75
2017 1,013,146 3,033,391 4,046,537 $11.65

Key Financial Metrics

Key Financial Metrics


Year ended December 31 (Rounded to the 000s except per share amounts) 2015 2016
Rental Revenue $6,321,000 $9,988,000
Property NOI $3,689,000 $5,831,000
Dividends Per Share(1) $0.65 $0.67
Funds from Operations(2) $1,609,000 $2,407,000
FFO Per Share $1.05 $1.01
FFO Payout Ratio 62% 66%
Adjusted Funds From Operations(3) $1,219,000 $2,269,000
AFFO Per Share $0.80 $0.95
AFFO Payout Ratio 81% 71%
Interest Coverage Ratio(4) 3.2 X 3.1 X
Loan-To-Value Ratio 57% 56%
Weighted Average Shares/Units Outstanding 1,527,000 2,376,000
(1) Dividend per share is the annualized amount paid in the fourth quarter of the respective year.
(2) FFO is equal to net income, excluding gains or losses from sale of property, and adding back non-cash expenses such as depreciation and amortization.
(3) AFFO is calculated by subtracting from FFO normalized recurring capital expenditures and miscellaneous non-cash charges.
(4) Interest coverage ratio is equal to net operating income divided by interest expense.
(5) Shares and per share amounts include both REIT shares and operating partnership units.